SHIPPING & HOW TO RETURN: All rented kits will arrive the day before your chosen rental date and will need to be shipped back the following business day. For example, if your rental date is set for a Saturday, your kit will arrive the Friday before and will need to be shipped back the Monday following. Please place all items back in the shipping box the same way they arrived and attach the pre-addressed return label over the old one. Please drop off at your nearest United States Post Office.

All purchased kits will be shipped priority mail via USPS within 48 hours of purchasing. 


CARE: Please be gentle with each item as they are all fragile and many are one of a kind. In the event that a piece is damaged, broken, or lost; the renter will be responsible for replacement fees. Replacement fees are charged at 75% of the original cost of the item.


DAMAGED GOODS: If any of the pieces, either rented or purchased arrives damaged please email a photo of the damaged item to hello@thestledkit.com within 24 hours of delivery so we may take appropriate replacement or refund actions.